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Stop button doesn't stop printer when probe fails
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Quiver 7 : I had an issue where my x axis was not properly homed and resulted in a bit of a loop.

When the printer missed the first probe point, the x gantry level happened, and the nozzle heated up and attempted to re-wipe. The problem is we never re-home the x axis so the printer would miss the first probe and wiped in the wrong spot.

I attempted to click the stop button which asked for confirmation and said print aborted, but the printer continued to try and probe.

Replicating this issue:
1: SD print
2: block first probe
3: while printer is leveling gantry, press stop button
4: observe

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marcio added a subscriber: marcio.Dec 28 2018, 11:02 AM

The "Stop" button only stops subsequent GCODE commands from being issued, but it will not stop the current operation, i.e. "G29". I understand that this presents a usability problem, but its not something that can be easily fixed in Marlin.

marcio added a comment.EditedDec 28 2018, 11:28 AM

I am thinking the prominent red "STOP" button should be removed from the UI, because it's current placement suggests it is a sort of emergency stop, which it isn't.

I suggest the functionality of aborting the USB print be moved to an item in the sub-menu called "Cancel Print", as it is in the TAZ 6 and Mini. With those printers, people didn't have any problem understanding that the only way to emergency stop the printer is to hit the rocker switch.

Many of the other printers I have operated typically have a "Cancel Print" or "Stop Print" option. I agree that the "Stop" option isn't really descriptive of what is actually happening.

logan added a subscriber: logan.Jan 3 2019, 2:34 PM

I like this modification, cleans up the main screen while printing and I think is clearer for the user as well.

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