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Custom Support Plugin
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We have found a plugin that is licensed properly we would like to integrate:

Please work on getting this incorporated to a separate branch for testing

A video showing it in action can be found here:

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karrad created this task.Dec 28 2018, 2:10 PM
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Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Dec 28 2018, 2:37 PM

@karrad Plugin added, you can check it in T5043 branch. It is necessary to disable the option "Automatically drop models to the build plate" in preferences to allow plugin work correctly.

karrad added a comment.EditedJan 8 2019, 8:23 AM

@TKostennov Thanks for getting that one in, looks to work well on our end.

Would it be possible to automatically disable the "drop to build plate" after clicking on the custom support button and then re-enable it once that button is no longer activated? (eg clicking elsewhere in the background, or going to another feature/button)

Edit I just tested, when re-enabling the drop to build plate it drops the custom supports. Does not look to be feasible

karrad reassigned this task from TKostennov to alexei.Jan 8 2019, 9:18 AM
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@alexei Ready for review and merge

@TKostennov ,
Confirmed that it's working. Very Nice !

I'll merge this to master.
How one can define extruder for this generated support?
If it can't be defined, probably we should implement it, but it will be a separate ticket I guess.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jan 8 2019, 11:56 AM

Merged to master.

adam added a subscriber: adam.Jan 8 2019, 11:58 AM

@karrad looks good to me - sliced just fine for several machines. I am going to kick off a print with it to check the support interface.

@adam Sounds good. It would be great to test if it brings in our support settings from regular cura as well. Put a large like 3mm gap, and check it again

adam added a comment.Jan 8 2019, 1:17 PM

I messed with it some more. Here's some feedback:
Support is governed by the support settings in custom. You need to turn on "Generate support" to adjust the settings, but after unchecking the generate support the custom support will use the modifications to the support settings. This could be cleaned up.
You can move and resize the cubes that represent where support is generated by selecting the cubes and using the model tools to adjust them. This causes some odd issues with how the support is calculated. The entire bound of the cube is set as supported rather than just where the cube intersects with the model (see screenshot)

Cubes can be removed by clicking again on them or by deleting them after selecting them (with custom support button unselected).