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nozzle z-axis offset direction
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I noticed while adjusting nozzle z-axis offset on .61 FW that in order to move the 2nd nozzle up, the value must be decreased.
So a value of 0.9 makes the nozzle lower than a value of 0.1
Is this the intended direction?
I would think 0.9 would raise the 2nd nozzle not lower it

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logan created this task.Wed, Jan 2, 10:20 AM
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marcio added a comment.Wed, Jan 2, 1:54 PM

Ummm, okay, I see what you mean. I pushed a fix in .63.

logan added a comment.Thu, Jan 3, 11:47 AM

@marcio No change to behavior on m.63, a larger positive number still lowers the 2nd nozzle into the build plate