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Test Single head tool heads
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Test the SL, SE, HS and HS+ toolheads on printer.

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DaniAO created this task.Jan 2 2019, 1:03 PM
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DaniAO added a comment.Jan 7 2019, 3:15 PM

Initial thoughts on install:
The Cover plates screws are different, and will defiantly be better to have all matching. The top cover is kind of in the way when removing dual and adding the SL, and looks awkward just hanging out once the SL was installed.

We will need very clear documentation on changing out the tool head.. as it wasn't easy.

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Jan 7 2019, 3:18 PM

I found the lower left hand cable clip when facing the rear of the machine required my needle nose pliers to remove, and the cable chain was somewhat difficult to work around.

adam added a subscriber: adam.EditedJan 8 2019, 2:58 PM

based on struggles I saw - removing the cover might be recommended for single tool heads. If so the screw hinge should be swapped to the other side to better accommodate right-handed users.
Also we may need to include extra ptfe tube clips to attach to the single extruder in order to operate the filament run-out sensor

karrad added a comment.EditedJan 11 2019, 11:24 AM

Tested on Quiver 19

SE on Quiver - Barley touching front left corner, it will not hit nozzle tip. It hits the slanted portion when lowering in Z

SL on Quiver - Misses front left corner completely during g29 probe, cannot get print

HS+ on quiver - still close to missing front left washer

HS on quiver - Misses front left washer, makes contact on side of nozzle

nathan added a subscriber: nathan.Jan 17 2019, 10:56 AM

Testing on Quiver 4 with SE tool head on firmware

Initial Install: Fairly straightforward overall, but the cover plate does get in the way of the filament. Moving it up out of the way takes care of that.

Calibration: Going into the Advanced settings on the printer, the Nozzle offset is grayed out, but the Axis backlash is able to be selected. Selecting that option will start the process, but it fails each time. The tool head misses the cube on the fourth touch due to a y-axis movement, which throws off the rest of the calibration process.

Printing: Performed a print via the USB stick (Benchy, ChromaStrand ABS, Standard). The leveling process went just fine, touching off on all 4 corners just fine. Initial layer was a bit low, and adjusting the z-offset did not change the first layer during the print. Filament runout sensor would report a false positive when the print started if the tool head had to wait for the bed to heat for more than a minute. Also gave a false positive if the filament guide was resting on the cover plate and not on the tool head. Aside from that, the Benchy came out well.

@youngmrcarlson @DRobertson @adam @MikeR @tutley @west

Please test your quivers with one of the single tool heads- the SL, SE, HS or HS+ and leave feed back here.


adam added a comment.Jan 17 2019, 12:51 PM

Put a HS tool head on Quiver 16
Flashing firmware is still a pain. Used for HighStrength
Confusing which plug you need to attach to, but that should be resolved in directions.
Auto calibration was greyed out, which I understand to be purposeful, because auto calibration is setting the difference between nozzles and we only have one on this tool head.
Ran auto backlash calibration: failed spectacularly. Nozzle missed left side of cube entirely and only triggered when it ran into the bed washer. All moves to locate the cube were badly off, but the left side of the cube was the worst since it missed entirely. Relocating to cube to establish Z backlash caused the nozzle to do a very slow crash into the bed. We will probably need new calibration code specific to single extruder tool heads.

west added a subscriber: marcio.Jan 17 2019, 1:43 PM

I'm pretty sure you dont need to run backlash calibration. I think i was more to see your values since backlash still applies. If you run backlash calibration, its running the same calibration that the dual would run, thus its using the dual nozzle positions... I believe
@marcio am I correct with this?

adam added a comment.Jan 17 2019, 1:47 PM

@west if we don't need to run it/aren't supposed to run it, why isn't it greyed out?

I was also able to test the SL on the Quiver today. Very similar to the SE tool head in how it ran in just about every way. Also tried the backlash calibration and it failed in the same way as both the SE and HS tool heads. Ran a Benchy (scaled 50%) on High Detail with nGen and it came out really well.

Dual nozzle calibration isn't needed, obviously, but backlash calibration is probably still useful. This isn't something that was tested with single toolheads, so that is probably why it is crash.

Once calibration is performed with a dual-toolhead, it should not need to be done again with the single toolhead, as the FW will simply use the backlash values from the dual-toolhead. One option might be to simply disable that option on the single toolhead FW. Thoughts?

@marcio While it may not be required, I can see a customer wanting to re-run that routine with their installed single tool head instead of switching back to their dual. Would it be a large lift to implement specific single headed machine backlash?

@karrad: I don't think it would be difficult. I'll look into it.

@karrad: I'll change "won't be difficult" to "impossible without hardware modification". With a single toolhead mounted, the Y axis cannot reach the front of the calibration cube, so it cannot measure Y backlash.

@karrad: Okay, so "impossible" was a bit exaggerated. The toolhead makes it just *barely* above the cube. Because of this, on my machine at least, it can measure backlash against the rear of the cube. I enabled it for the single toolheads, as an experiment, but whether this is usable on all printers remains to be seen.

Firmware .77 contains many small tweaks for the single toolheads (and to a lesser extent, for the dual toolhead). We should begin testing .77 out.

After updating the firmware to .77, the calibration went well. It took 1min 49s to complete. After that, I did a print of a 30% scale Benchy on a SL tool head. Had to lower the z-offset by a small amount (.2mm) but other than that, the Benchy came out well.

I have not yet been able to start a print with the HS+. It wipes and probes, but Extruder 1 Filament Error occurs as soon as it tries to extrude, even with runout detection disabled.
I'm able to manually extrude. The hing cover definitely looks funky with a single extruder, but removing it for single tool heads does mean whatever branding we put on it will only be seen when using the Dual.

@nathan You were able to successfully run an SL on quiver correct?

I am missing the front left corner still, but I have an Alpha Achemon I am testing with as well.

karrad added a comment.EditedJan 29 2019, 10:55 AM

Replacing my Achemon allows proper probing on SL.

Noticed we move the bed forward after wiping, and then move it back to probe front left corner first. Change start gcode to move bed back in stead (will save a few seconds) - T5551

DaniAO closed this task as Resolved.Tue, Jun 18, 10:26 AM

Tool heads have been tested