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Quiver First Print materials
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We need to decided the first print material for Quiver.

Currently TAZ 6 is sent out with LulzBot Green nGen. Being that this is a dual tool head printer, we will now need two colors.

Recommendation is to use LulzBot Green and Black Polylite PLA, as it's a bit easier to get, and does cost less the nGen. We also don't have multiple materials in pilot to test with.

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DaniAO created this task.Jan 3 2019, 1:33 PM
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anolen added a comment.Jan 3 2019, 1:41 PM

having multiple colors are a good idea, at least 2 and they should be different colors, black and green?
What will the sample sections of filament be packaged in, resistant to moisture?

@DaniAO I am all for stream lining this to reduce confusion in pilot, and my vote is for dual polylite PLA.

@eBeardslee Do you have a preference here?

logan added a subscriber: logan.Jan 3 2019, 3:06 PM

Just FYI I would like to not do a spit test in presub, see T3612 for details. So we may only need to worry about getting the chosen materials to calibration.

I would like to toss my vote in the hat for polylite PLA in LulzGreen and Black
Please see calibration test prints in progress on T4129

Maybe better in its own ticket;
Also this may be a touchy/stupid question but, can the first print NOT be an octopus? More importantly, can we not send an octo from calibration?
I think something more professional, measurable, or even useful would be better. This lead to the calibration print in T4129. The octopus doesn't give any measurable metrics and adds considerable time to calibration that could be used to provide the user with something more useful than a rad branded trinket.
A standard octo on Mini 2 takes around 40 minutes, this will undoubtedly be longer with dual colors on the TAZ 7. Current models are around 1.5 hours due to cura slicing them with 100% fill due to sharp angles between the two models making up the octo.
Without sending an octopus from calibration, with the addition of needing to calibrate nozzle offsets, I think calibration could be done in a time frame closer to that of TAZ 6.

@logan We will get a model going once the material has been determined, and pass your comments on in that ticket.


So we are going to do two first prints, one after another. We will do a dual color PLA print then a PLA / Polydissolve print. My hopes is by running through this process people learn which extruder is extruder 1/2, how to load, unload, and switch filament, and also which combination of material / dissolvable support will yield great results.


For the dual color print- are black and LulzBot green okay for the colors?

For the support print- is LulzBot Green okay as the PLA color?


DaniAO closed this task as Resolved.Jan 14 2019, 8:40 AM
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Okay closing this one down as it's been decided. Will get a ticket about first print models.