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Generate "No Material" material and profile
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We need to generate a material and profile that customers can select that is "no material"

The point of this will be to use Quiver as a single headed machine, without having to keep the second nozzle at temperature during the print.

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I haven't tested all of those but the high speed settings worked without issue :) so should all be good.

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@anolen When putting these in for the V3 dual, I am getting fan errors. Any issue if I change maximum and minimum settings to 100 and 0?

That should be fine

Sounds good. Material and profile pushed to TAZ 5/6 V3, and Evergreen Bagworm

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Printing temps for all profiles need to be set to 50 C, not 0 C. My bad!

50 C for the main print temp and for the two initial print temps.

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I set up a print with PLA on nozzle 1 and "No material" on nozzle 2. All of the no material settings I have are default ABS temps etc.....

No Material Profile Update/Fix!

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Updated and ready for merge on T5823 branch