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10mm retaining ring barely sits fully when flipped
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When flipping the 10mm retaining ring on the x ends, the ring barley sits in the pocket. We could reduce it by 0.5mm to 1mm to allow more room

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west created this task.Thu, Jan 3, 3:34 PM
west moved this task from Report Issues Here to Needs Review on the Quiver board.Thu, Jan 3, 3:36 PM
west added a comment.Wed, Jan 9, 8:32 AM

The new model and slice seem to work well

west added a subscriber: tutley.Mon, Jan 14, 12:18 PM

I tested these on @tutley's machine and it works well

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Wed, Jan 16, 10:17 AM

@west Have we tried this on any other machines? if not, can we get it on a few more?

west added a subscriber: kent.Wed, Jan 16, 10:20 AM

@kent have these been installed on MERchines?

oliver added a subscriber: oliver.Wed, Jan 16, 1:23 PM

@west Accorded to the sheet, these were installed on 01/08/2019 on both MER machines.

west added a comment.Wed, Jan 16, 1:59 PM

@oliver they were but no feedback was given

@west I just checked @MikeR and @EricNugent printers and they seem to be sitting flush with the part and the bearing.

west added a comment.Wed, Jan 16, 2:15 PM

@oliver were they installed with the bed surface facing down?

oliver added a comment.EditedWed, Jan 16, 2:26 PM

@west Not the best pictures but here are some for future reference.

west added a comment.Wed, Jan 16, 3:35 PM

@oliver I am referring to the retaining ring that gets installed from the bottom

@west the parts are installed and working well on Quiver 7 thus far. Currently have not been able to run a print due to part changes and other tasks.