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cura crashes when moving multiple objects on the bed, just closes or used to give a visual c++ runtime error
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@wolffman007 It looks like you edit removed the error log, was that intentional? (if so no worries, we can close this out)

Looking through your edit, it appears there are multiple unset parameters when trying to slice. When upgrading to 3.2.32 were you sure to un-install previous versions and clear your cache?

@wolffman007 Ahh I also found a couple reports of this being fixed up by manually updating the driver:

and specific driver link can be found here:

wolffman007 added a comment.EditedMon, Jan 14, 12:15 AM

i did not remove anything from the error log, i just copy/pasted it all
twice i cleared the cache's per the directions and reinstalled
this has been happening ever since 2.6 something came out, version 21.08 works just fine
and the driver you link to is for windows 7 I am running Windows 10, 64 bit, i tried on the off chance and it wont let me install

note since i installed the latest version it does not give an error, it just closes out completely, so that might be why there is no error in the log?
prior to that it was just a generic visual c++ error