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cura crashes when moving multiple objects on the bed, just closes or used to give a visual c++ runtime error
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@wolffman007 It looks like you edit removed the error log, was that intentional? (if so no worries, we can close this out)

Looking through your edit, it appears there are multiple unset parameters when trying to slice. When upgrading to 3.2.32 were you sure to un-install previous versions and clear your cache?

@wolffman007 Ahh I also found a couple reports of this being fixed up by manually updating the driver:

and specific driver link can be found here:

wolffman007 added a comment.EditedJan 14 2019, 12:15 AM

i did not remove anything from the error log, i just copy/pasted it all
twice i cleared the cache's per the directions and reinstalled
this has been happening ever since 2.6 something came out, version 21.08 works just fine
and the driver you link to is for windows 7 I am running Windows 10, 64 bit, i tried on the off chance and it wont let me install

note since i installed the latest version it does not give an error, it just closes out completely, so that might be why there is no error in the log?
prior to that it was just a generic visual c++ error

wolffman007 added a comment.EditedJan 26 2019, 10:16 PM

i just installed a new SSD hard drive, did a clean install of windows, updated it and installed necessary hardware drivers only and installed the latest cura and tested it. loaded 1 file, multiplied it and then started arranging the parts on the bed and it closed out within 1 minute, no errors, same as above.
so that tells me there is a problem in cura after version 21.08

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@Yahuba Please try to duplicate this on Win 10 64 bit

that is all that i use at home, is Win 10 64bit
i have never used anything but win 10 64bit

@wolffman007 Absolutely, we do thorough testing on all our releases following this procedure:

As stated above and reported in the forum, all instances of this crash we have seen are due to an out of date or improper driver. I was also able to successfully multiple models on my home windows 10 64bit station last night.

Can you share any more specifics on your hardware set up and the specific drivers you have installed?

I tested this on our Windows 10 (64 bit) environment using Cura LE 3.6.3, no issues loading multiple objects on the printer bed. Also attempted to resize a few objects and move them around as well but everything sliced accordingly.
Currently downloading the 3.2.32 build to see if I can replicate in that version.

Repeated test in Windows 10 64 bit using Cura LE 3.2.32 as well and was not able to replicate. Was able to load multiple files on printer bed, resized, moved and was able to slice every adjustment.

hardware is as follows
motherboard ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
RAM Team Elite 8GB 32 gigs total
CPU AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz
Corsair Certified CW-9060009-WW Hydro Series H100i Water Cooler
video card GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 DirectX 12 GV-N1080XTREME W-8GD R2 8GB
various harddrives, which ive unplugged most when testing this issue
when i installed the new harddrive, i only put on windows 10, its updates and hardware drivers for the MB (which are a couple years old now, BIOS is most current), vid card, my logitech keyboard and mouse drivers (which were re-downloaded) and sound card (which im going to remove to test this weekend) and cura 3.2.32
as im still getting things setup for the final transition to the new harddrive, back using the original. when i get full moved over, i will install cura 21.08 and test to see if it will work, like it has so far
once is back up (down for maintenance I will include a link to one of the test files. let me clarify, this has happened when i fully load the bed up with the same file, say about 15? objects. is when this happens
i will report back when i have more info
you say this is due to an out of date or improper driver, any clue as to what? and why does 21.08 work fine, but any version after does not? id think me doing a clean install of windows, would rule out an improper/corrupted driver, out of date is always a possibility, but i believe i have gotten the latest driver versions that are available
thank you

21.08 work fine, but any version after does not?

21.08 and 3.2/3.6 are miles apart. There was about 4-5 years of development on cura 2, and subsequently cura 3 from upstream Ultimaker compared to . This includes changes to model duplication, model orientation, slicing engine, gui, etc. It is very difficult to compare in this case as it essentially apples to oranges.

One thing we haven't checked, do you have autoslicing turned on? If you are multiplying multiple objects, changing settings, and moving them around it could be quite taxing on the system. You can disable this in Preferences > configure cura > auto slicing off.

If you are willing, also please try loading in the file individually multiple to see if it is an issue. If only multiplying the object causes the crash, it could point to something in the model duplication script.

Out of date drivers are a possiblity. OpenGL drivers we saw when first transferring over from 21.08 _> 2.6, and may be a good place to check: (but these usually presented as not being able to launch the program)

you say this is due to an out of date or improper driver, any clue as to what?

From previous reports, and google searching it looks like your Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library. I found some suggested actions, but it looks like uninstall and reinstall directly from the site:

The only other things that points to a driver or something incorrect in the system, is our inability to reproduce it on our test stations or on my home win 10 64bit. (We run everything Linux in house)

wolffman007 added a comment.EditedJan 30 2019, 11:47 AM

i think you might be onto something about the slicing. i only disabled auto-slice and multiplied 1 item, 15 times and then again 4 times ( to fill the bed 20 items total) and was able to arrange them all on the bed, no problems, whereas before i might get 10 items moved and then problems
while slicing , the program just closed out, no error. version 3.2.32
hope this helps to narrow it down some

@wolffman007 after selecting "prepare" the program crashed, or were you able to successfully finish the slice?

Can you also post the STL file you are having issues with?

it crashed before it finished slicing
not sure how i can post the stl file, it was purchased. i dont mind sharing it with you
i selected a different file (but from the same source) and after clicking prepare it just closed out
i then loaded a different source file and multiplied it by 10 and arranged and successfully sliced them
i then loaded another different source file and multiplied it by 25 and arranged and successfully sliced them
im going to test the 6 files from the one source, to see if its just those files
as its appearing they are the problem
once drivethrurpg is back up, i will redownload the files and test those as well
again thank you

No problem on the purchased STL's, we understand! Thanks for checking with some other files.

as its appearing they are the problem

Thats what it is looking like. You can check out meshlab or other file repair tools to try to get it fixed up. Ideally the model should be a single shell and manifold. Gaps in that mesh, overlapping vertices's, etc will cause a lot of confusion in the slicing engine.

If possible, check the header on the STL file as well. We would like to verify it does not start with an ASCII header.

i dont mind sharing the files with you, they only cost a few dollars and if it helps fix the issue, im all for it. lol
just tested one of the files, had 10 of them and it sliced fine (this was on high detail setting)
then had 12 and sliced fine again (this was on high detail setting)
but at 14 items, it crashed out (this was on high detail setting)
so i reloaded same 14 items on high speed setting and it sliced them
so im wondering if the cura engine just cant handle that level of detail with so many items or could there be a problem with the default profiles?
i noticed when i switched to cura 3, that the layer height/resolution for the default profiles changed, as i used to print most things at .1 (am i missing something here?)
i also noticed sometimes when slicing, my CPU jumps to 100%. dont know if that helps any

Just out of curiosity, what is the size of the .stl files you are trying to load in Cura? Are they large .stl files?

they are almost 11,000 kb in size

i used a different test file and added 38 objects and it sliced at the standard profile, but when i switched it to the high quality it crashed out.
im ok with sharing the files with you, if that might help to see where the problem is or if its just a limitation at this time.
on a side note, i added the same objects in 21.08 at .1 resolution and it sliced it fine

its been almost a month and no comment???

karrad claimed this task.Mar 6 2019, 8:12 AM

@wolffman007 As we stated above, we are unable to replicate the issue on our systems. The couple reports of this we have had, have been isolated to incorrect drivers on the operating system (or conflict between graphics cards) and have gotten it fixed up.

The changes from CuraEngine in 21.08 to cura engine in 3.2 and 3.6 are quite large, so much so they made a major rev in the engine. There are many items it could be, and unfortunately by itself not enough to determine what the cause is.

We have requested this a couple times to help duplicate it. Can you share the STL files that are causing issues? You state some do and some do not, having the ones that do will help us test.

At the moment, we are leaving this open to track for more reports or more information in order to help determine the cause.