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Missing part number for aero idler lever mirrored
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So for the aero idler lever we have a standard version which is a PP-FP0135 and we have a mirrored part that has the same part number. When I was building the alpha tool heads with Josh we thought they were the same part. A day or two later Tyler came to us and told us that they were in fact two different parts and need to be installed on a certain side. Currently the BOM calls for 2 PP-FP0135 but it should be 1 PP-FP0135 and 1 of the mirrored part. We do not have a part number for the mirrored side so we need to make one since the two idler levers are different and if they get installed wrong the idler lever will start to gouge the plastic gear.

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These 2 parts were shipped under the same part number.

PP-FP0135 has been updated to read E3D Mirrored Aero Idler Lever, and PP-FP0162 is the E3D Standard Aero Lever.

Will work on getting this added to the BoM.

Updates have been pushed and ready for review.

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$ git diff master
diff --git a/production_docs/BOM.csv b/production_docs/BOM.csv
index 3bc38e0..24e19f7 100644
--- a/production_docs/BOM.csv
+++ b/production_docs/BOM.csv
@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ PC-BD0109,Filament Sensor PCBA Rev B,PCE,2,Y
 EL-MS0496,"5"" Graphical LCD Touchscreen, 800x480, SPI, FT810",PCE,1,Y
 PC-CN0001,Molex-Conn Housing 2POS .100 W/Latch,PCE,1,Y
 PC-CN0117,"M7 thread 6mm tube OD tube connector, 10 pc",PCE,2,Y
-PP-FP0135,E3D Aero Idler Lever,PCE,2,Y
+PP-FP0135,E3D Mirrored Aero Idler Lever,PCE,1,Y
+PP-FP0162,E3D Aero Idler Lever,PCE,1,Y
 PP-FP0136,E3D Mirrored Aero 2.85mm Filament Guide,PCE,1,Y
 PP-FP0149,"TAZ Electronics Chassis, HD, Touchscreen, Quiver",PCE,1,
 PP-FP0150,"TAZ Electronics Cover, Quiver",PCE,1,

Looks good, reviewed and merged