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Universal Tool Head Adapter: Tool-heads "Clicking"
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We've gotten a few reports and have been able to duplicate the extruder wheel "clicking" and stopping intermittently while printing. This is only present when using the adapter and we verified the tool-heads function normally on a Mini 2. We also checked the wiring of the adapter.

I investigated the issue a little and found a solution. Looking through the configuration files I could see the tool-heads with the adapters were set to a much higher extruder motor current than the other tool-heads.

Using the command 'M907 E960' to set the motor current to the same value as the standard Aerostruder before starting a print fixed the audible clicking and the print quality issues.

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RMA12747 had the same reported issue. When toolhead is on a Mini 2, it does not click.

zachah added a comment.Jan 7 2019, 2:19 PM

This looks to be an over-current issue based on my findings. The tool-heads without the adapters are set to 960 mA and with they are set to 1250 mA.

I found this by comparing the configurations in Conditionals_LulzBot.h. The only major difference I could find was in the amperage between the Adapters and the Mini 2.

Here is the section where the amperage is defined for those tool-heads

#if defined(TOOLHEAD_Gladiola_SingleExtruder) || defined(TOOLHEAD_Albatross_Flexystruder) || defined(TOOLHEAD_Finch_Aerostruder) || defined(TOOLHEAD_CecropiaSilk_SingleExtruderAeroV2) || defined(TOOLHEAD_AchemonSphinx_SmallLayer) || defined(TOOLHEAD_BandedTiger_HardenedSteel) || defined(TOOLHEAD_DingyCutworm_HardenedSteelPlus)


    #if defined(LULZBOT_USE_EINSY_RETRO)
        #define LULZBOT_MOTOR_CURRENT_E          960 // mA
        #define LULZBOT_MOTOR_CURRENT_E         1250 // mA
#endif /* TOOLHEAD_Gladiola_SingleExtruder || TOOLHEAD_Albatross_Flexystruder || TOOLHEAD_Finch_Aerostruder */

If the tool-head is on a Mini 2 with an Einsy RAMBo the current is set to 960 mA. Otherwise the current is set to 1250 mA.

Now knowing this we tested using the lower current of 960 on a Taz 6 that was experiencing the clicking. With the current set to 960 we didn't have any more of the clicking or extrusion issues.

To test this we used the g-code command M907 E960. This sets the extruder motor current to 960 mA

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zachah added a comment.Jan 7 2019, 3:02 PM

Another thing just went over with Brent that the motor current does not report with M503 or echo with M907 or save with M500

marcio added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 8:23 AM

The reason for this is that originally all toolheads used 1250 mA, but this is more than the EinsyRambo was able to provide without overheating, so the current was turned down for the Einsy. It seems peculiar that you guys are seeing clicking issues. Normally clicking indicates too little current, rather than too much...

marcio added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 8:30 AM

The only thing I can think of is that certain of the toolheads have a half-height motor. Perhaps they do not operate well with 1250 mA. According to Tyler, the HS and HS+ use the larger motor so before making it any changes we have to determine whether the HS and HS+ are also affected.

My guess is that we may need to lower the current on the micro and standard Aeros to 960 mA, but keep it as is for the HS and HS+.

marcio added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 8:43 AM

In any event, I pushed FW .30 to lower the current on CecropiaSilk_SingleExtruderAeroV2, AchemonSphinx_SmallLayer, BandedTiger_HardenedSteel, DingyCutworm_HardenedSteelPlus to 960 mA, regardless of board. This should at least match the current on those toolheads would get on the Mini 2.

karrad added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 8:46 AM

@marcio Thank you for the push, we will get this distributed for testing for customers. This one was originally reported on T4886 which was a TAZ 6 with HS+, and reducing the current fixed the issue. We will run more tests with the same printer and tool head combo in order to verify.

marcio added a comment.Jan 9 2019, 8:47 AM

.30 wasn't compiling. .31 now.

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@zachah @lansky Please test the affected printers you saw this on with FW and see if the issue persists without the start gcode modifications.

EDIT: we had a build issue, please use @TyTh @lansky @zachah

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Jan 16 2019, 4:15 PM

Firmware adjusted in to prevent this issue, currently is included in Cura 3.6.3. CLosing this one out.