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Update chassis drawing and model to reflect requested changed by vendor
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Our vendor has requested a change to the flanges that the chassis cover mounts to for easier manufacturing. Instead of having the open slots in all four corners to allow the material to be bent. They requested that the slot be filled for a better weld

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west created this task.Mon, Jan 7, 10:47 AM
west added a subscriber: samantha.Mon, Jan 7, 12:09 PM

@samantha can you check the model and drawings to see if they are good to send off? Side note, new .pdf .step and .iges will need to be generated after everything checks out

@west views on page 3 need to be updated

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west added a comment.Tue, Jan 8, 7:58 AM

@samantha updated the drawing to have page 3 reference the updated model. I also added a masking callout on page 3 for the usb fingers and removed "quiver" from the silk screen file references in the drawings and the files themselves

west moved this task from Report Issues Here to Needs Review on the Quiver board.Tue, Jan 8, 10:25 AM
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Steven added a subscriber: Steven.

@west @samantha these changes look good. I'm moving this to the Beta work board. We'll want to wait to merge this in after the Beta tag is done as we will not have this design for the Beta builds.

Sending these files to @jessica to have sent to our suppliers

@west since the rev G was shared with vendors on or around the 10th, is this latest change now revision H?

oliver added a subscriber: oliver.Thu, Jan 17, 2:39 PM

@west Are we still waiting on these from PMM or are the ones we have up to date with the latest revision?

T5376 has the new art files for the chassis. Is it possible to get the drawing updated today?

Drawing updated, pushed, and emailed to @jessica to get to suppliers. Any further changes will necessitate an additional revision increment.