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Slice Error 3.6.2 Dual v3 Extruder
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Ran into slice error issue in WIn 7 with 3.6.2. Using a Taz 6 with Dual v3 extruder during smoke test.

The first time I installed software and added this printer/extruder configuration, I got a slice error on the pre-loaded file. Error message: unable to slice due to some per-model settings. The following settings have errors on one or more models: Support Infill Layer Thickness
When I checked the Infill Lyer Thickness it was set to 0.34 mm.

Then i changed the file to 3DBenchy file and got the same result. I noticed that the print quality was set to High Detail on extruder 2 while extruder 1 was set to standard. Changing the quality on one of the extruders to match the other will allow the slice to occur.

I uninstalled, cleared cache and re-installed a few times and was not able to replicate from initial launch again. However, if I leave one extruder at standard quality and change the other extruder to High Quality, I get a slice fail error. This does not occur if I leave one at standard and change the other to high speed.

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Yahuba created this task.Jan 9 2019, 10:06 AM
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@victor_larchenko It looks like in fdmprinter.def.json line 4104 it is not averaging the layer heights properly between E1 and E2 causing the error. Not sure how to correct it, but I believe that is where the issue lies.

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@victor_larchenko Thank you much, looks to be averaging properly on my end. Closing out.

karrad reopened this task as Open.Jan 16 2019, 9:29 AM

@victor_larchenko It looks like something is off here. When first loading in Q, it throws this error:

Checking the support infill layer thickness setting, is defaults to 0.28 (the layer height of the combined profiles)

When manually inputting 0.28, or any other height it will slice without issue:

To reproduce:

Load in Q
Extruder 1 Polylite PLA, Standard
Extruder 2 Polydissolve Standard
Turn on support
Update infill layer thickness setting

@karrad, found reason of this issue. In pla profile this option is set

support_infill_sparse_thickness = 0.3

but in polydissolve profile is not, so we need to set this to all profiles or change default value.

@victor_larchenko With this happening on single headed machines, it doesn't point towards a profile conflict between E1 and E2 - T5419

@karrad, latest change(in T5198 branch) should fix this issue and also fix T5419. Please check.

karrad reassigned this task from victor_larchenko to alexei.Jan 23 2019, 8:22 AM
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@victor_larchenko looks good, fixed up for both dual machines and single headed machines.

@alexei Ready for merge

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jan 25 2019, 11:08 AM

Merged to master.