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Fan speed adjustment is incorrect when incrementing by 1 or 10
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Quiver 7 : after installing .67 firmware I was testing the fan settings via the temperature menu in the LCD.

While trying to increase by 1% in the menu it appears to increment by 2 at first and periodically jumps by 2 instead of 1 if you continue to push.

The same with incrementing by 10, it jumps straight to 11 for the first push, increments correctly by 10 for the next 6 pushes until the 8th push where it becomes 82%.

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I will investigate, but unfortunately there may not be a way to solve this problem. Even though the percentages range from 0 to 100, these values are stored in Marlin as 0 - 255. What you are likely seeing is rounding errors while scaling between those two ranges which cause the values to deviate +/-1. The only way to get an exact representation within show fan speed from 0 to 255, like Marlin does on the older LCD.