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python seg fault part of way through print - consistent
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When printing a couple of my recent object cura will well into just crash/disappear. I found an old forum post where someone complained about a similar issue and there someone posted where to look for an informative log file. I found that file on my most recent crash and it shows a segmentation fault in python. I have enclosed that with this report.

I think there may be something funny about the way this object is sliced which then later trips up the system playing out eh gcode. The reason I say that is I tried to save the gcodes instead of straight printing to avoid this crash. It worked well and was printing the object, but then it stopped around the same place - but cura didnt crash that time..

I have a mini with an areostruder and was running 3.2.32, but I think earlier 3.2 also experienced this, but I might need to re-test to be sure.

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another stl which also gets a seg fault{F2732613}

from the wiper mount stl

karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Jan 10 2019, 2:25 PM

@derbartman Looking over that log, there are a few unset parameters when slicing. We would like you to un-install and re-install the package, while being sure to follow the clear cache directions. If you do not clear the cache, you can be using an old version that has outdated features and can cause complications like this.

You can follow the windows directions here:

Please let us know how it goes!

ok - doing that now.
Why do the clear cache instructions say to right click on "cura2_lulzbot" to delete cura-lulzbot directory? That seems like a typo or old info or something..

@derbartman Ahh thank you. We will get that corrected, we updated the package name a couple releases ago

Orias added a subscriber: Orias.Jan 10 2019, 3:12 PM

Cache clearing instructions updated in T5261. Thanks @derbartman!

ok - I cleared the cache and uninstalled and re-installed and reprinted the wiper base again - same crash (log enclosed)

hmm - I sure don't understand why Im having an issue like this as this set up had been working a while..

So how about Ill also include the gcode file post slice of this same wiper base.

even if the slicer is messing up it seems like we want to avoid a python seg fault, but perhaps the root issue is why the slicer is wrong. I do think when I printed as the gcode pre-sliced file I only got the same way through the print, but didn't have the cura crash..

maybe something is wrong with my slicer settings.
maybe I can try to slice with slic3r and print the gcode file with cura as a test..

ok - an update on this -
I returned to my desktop now that I have isolated one of the other issues I was having , and the desktop doesn't seem to have this 1/2 complete python crash issue. At least I was able to do one print of the wiper mount which failed on the other computer..

I will now attempt one of the other files. It is running 3.2.32

hmm - so if it is the computer somehow - any other ideas to isolate the problem/fix for this laptop besides uninstall clear cache and reinstall cura (which we already did)
This computer has been used for development in the past - is it possible it is using the wrong python install?

jebba added a subscriber: jebba.Jan 11 2019, 5:02 PM


I don't know if it is related, but I did notice this in your stderr-2nd-mid-print-wiper-base.log file:

2019-01-10 15:11:53,146 - DEBUG - [(2752)-Thread-17] UM.Backend.Backend._backendLog [90]: [Backend] [WARNING] There are empty layers (or layers with empty extruder plans) in the print! Temperature control and cross layer travel moves might suffer.

Maybe there is an issue in the STL?

that is the wiper mount as downloaded from this web site - and also successfully printed on same printer from other computer now - so kinda seems like the stl is ok, but something about how my lap top slices it is messed. and then this messed up slicing ends up crashing python/cura. why it has an empty layer in the first place is a really interesting question

jebba added a comment.Jan 12 2019, 8:35 AM

@derbartman "that is the wiper mount as downloaded from this web site", which website? Ours? The STL I'm looking at doesn't look like a wiper pad mount of ours, but I could be wrong.

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