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Nozzle offset issues
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The Nozzle offset seems to be putting the 2nd nozzle much lower than the 1st and when being corrected for it is allowing for individual nozzle adjustments to alter both nozzles.

Firmware: ...68
Cura: 3.6.3

My Process:
I flashed to .68, then reset to factory default, then ran a calibration.
The calibration seemed to work accept when it ended and it moves over the square, at that time the nozzle rolls over the square, hitting it.
Then I began a print, This print had a good 1st nozzle bead height but when the 2nd nozzle was so squished it needed over +1.0mm of adjustment.
I would adjust it using the "Nuddge Nozzle", I did make sure to select "no" on the "adjust nozzles together" section.
Then when it would go back to the next layer for the 1st nozzle the nozzle was now printing about 1mm in the air, not making contact with the previous printed layer at all.

This was confirmed on 2 machines of mine, about 5 times each.

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anolen created this task.Fri, Jan 11, 2:44 PM
MikeR added a comment.Fri, Jan 11, 2:51 PM

Quiver 6 was also doing something very similar however I was using .67 firmware.

The above gcode is what I was trying to print when I was having problems. I would first get a good bead with E1, then when E2 started to print I turned off adjust nozzles together, so it would only adjust E2. I would have to adjust E2 by +2.8 before I could get a good bead that matched E1. Then when it switched back to E1 to print the nozzle was very high off the bed as if it was changed the same amount as E2, so it would seem that they were both adjusted when I only wanted to change E2.

I flashed to ...54 firmware and the issue is no longer present.

Please test out .70 and see if it is better.

MikeR added a comment.Mon, Jan 14, 8:48 AM

I was still having some issues on Friday after I switched back to .54. I will try .70 and see if My issues go away.

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Mon, Jan 14, 8:51 AM

@MikeR okay to try .70

I have .70 on my 3 Quivers, they are all printing now.

I still had to adjust for the 2nd nozzle due to squish but not as much as before and it didn't seem to effect the 1st nozzles offset. It also seemed to save the offsets appropriately and restarts didn't need adjustment.