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Pricing-Etched Heat Beds-TAZ- KT-HB0014 and Mini KT-HB0015
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Determine retail price

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TAZ modular print bed cost is $52.31, and retails at $125
Mini modular print bed costs $30.71 and retails for $80

The TAZ etched modular bed costs $60.89, with out packaging.

The Mini etched modular bed costs $28.35, with out any packaging.

Packing adds about $10 to the BoM.

@Megan @youngmrcarlson Do you think an increased price will be worth the etched LulzBot logo and Grid on the Modular Bed Systems?

also keep in mind that we would like these to replace the current non-etched ones.. so cut down on how many beds we are ordering.

@karrad I think the utility of the grid may justify a small increase, but not much. I'm not sure how many users realize that grid lines up with Cura, so making that clear would help.

@youngmrcarlson We are looking at about a $10-$15 increase on the etched bed, too much?

@karrad Hey, that's exactly what I was going to recommend! (Backspaced that part before I posted my comment for some reason)

@karrad @Megan @youngmrcarlson

Pricing for these:

TAZ modular retail $140
Mini modular print bed retail $95

Think that sounds ok?

Sounds good here. Just as a note, we are looking into a slightly duller metal that should reduce QC issues and reduce BoM cost for redgum specifically, but rolling into quiver and retail parts if marketing looks gives the okay on looks

adam added a subscriber: adam.Apr 8 2019, 7:49 AM

I have updated the pricing in OCA

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