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Tapping "Unload" or "Load/Extrude" on Change Filament screen changes temperature
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Marlin HS+

@gyukish discovered if you tap on the text "Unload" or "Load/Extrude", you're actually tapping on the "220C (High)" button.

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@youngmrcarlson @gyukish
Did you try re-calibrating the touch screen?
That is done by powering off and holding a finger on the screen while powering on, this will trigger the calibration sequence prompting you to touch several points. You may try using a dull stylus of sorts to increase accuracy.

@youngmrcarlson I'm currently unable to calibrate the LCD. The calibration screen shows for a quick second, but exits to the main menu before I have a chance to tap dots.

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Nevermind, can recreate this on Q11. That text is a good distance away from the button being triggered.

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I have confirmed this on my printer as well.

@youngmrcarlson: This has been addressed in .78. Please confirm.

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Confirmed this is now working as expected.