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Printer Statistic Tracking seems incorrect
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A customer contacted the helpdesk today with a picture of what his printer statistics are showing and it seems very, very wrong. The customer is using Cura LE 3.2.23 with FIRMWARE_VERSION:

This is on a Taz 6.

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karrad assigned this task to marcio.Jan 28 2019, 8:58 AM
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@bigmansas Hmm, I would suspect that total print time is off....

The counter probably got corrupt. The only fix is to have the user run "M78 S78" which resets all the statistics to zero (essentially rolls back the odometer!)

@bigmansas Before sending out the info, please check a few of your printers around TSR to see if any others have become corrupt. Marlin doesn't document that command to try to keep sellers of used printers honest:

@karrad: I would never trust an odometer, on a printer or on a car. Supposedly on newer cars it is extremely easy to hack using an inexpensive tool from eBay...

I checked a few of the Taz 6's over here and a couple of them seem to be a bit off. We've got one that says it's been used for 20 hours, which seems a bit low for our printers over here, and then another one that says around 2 days of print time on it, which also seems a bit low. We have another one that shows 13 days of usage, which seems a bit more in range.