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Add an x limit for nozzle 2
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So I took the dual octopus print and blew it up to 350% size; I wanted to test a 12+ hour print.

However, I ran into a problem on just the skirt. It was doing nozzle 2 first, and when it got to the left most part of the bed, the toolhead couldn't go left enough to complete the skirt, and was ramming itself into the leftmost part of the printer, drawing a straight line.

This of course threw off the x alignment, causing it to draw the first layer overlapping parts of the skirt. Nozzle 1 seems to be able to print on the entire x axis (except for maybe a few millimeters on the right side,) but nozzle 2 is clearly limited from printing on the left most side of the bed (due to the x motor.) Cura should give an error preventing the user from generating gcode that would have the printer print on these extreme x limits.

The gcode to reproduce:

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@TKostennov we need to limit E2 on "q" (lulzbot_quiver_evergreen_bagworm) to prevent printing within 25mm of the left hand edge of the build plate. We do not want to limit any build volume on the right hand side, or limit any build volume for E1.

I tried to enable nozzle_disallowed_areas per extruder and set the area in extruder 2 defintion, but didn't seem to work out for me. On to the proper hands....

Please push to a separate branch for testing.

@karrad "nozzle_disallowed_areas" is not intended for that. I added a "extruder_disallowed_areas" feature. It allows to add a disallowed areas per extruder. These zones are activated only when the corresponding extruder is involved.
You can check it in T5549 branch.

karrad added a comment.Feb 4 2019, 3:03 PM

@TKostennov The limitations are looking good, thank you.

I noticed when selecting the model with extruder 2, and scaling to max, it will not place the object in the correct location. It will scale to the proper size, but it stays centered on the build plate. Can this be adjusted?

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@karrad: In order to do the scaling correctly, it would actually have to analyze the printed parts for extruder 1 and the printed parts for extruder 2 independently, assuming a merged model. Because you could very well have a part where nozzle 1 could encroach on the exclusion area for extruder 2, but extruder 2 does not do so. So this is probably a tricky problem, if you want to always allow the user to print the largest possible models.

@karrad We have already conversing this problem earlier and came to the conclusion that we can't do it right. We need to rework placing function and scale to max function for this. Unfortunately, I could not find in which task we were faced with this.

@TyTh @Galadriel Can you look this one over and give us your thoughts? We want to ensure it won't be confusing to the customer. Let me know if you need a hand setting up the branch build

@TyTh @Galadriel Any update on this change?

Finally had some time to mess with this build. The scale to max not automatically working might be a bit confusing for some customers at first, but I would guess that it will probably be a relatively small margin of people who are confused enough to need to contact us. Otherwise it all seemed fairly intuitive. I wouldn't anticipate getting any more calls on this than we do on any other limitation to the build volume when switching to a Dual Extruder, which is not very many at all.

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@alexei I think we merge it in, and clarify any confusion with documentation.

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Merged to master.