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Printer Paused - Nozzle Temp Down Timer
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If you get a filament run-out error but you don't resume it within a certain time (time unknown by me) the nozzles eventually temp themselves down (I am assuming for safety). The issue here is that the nozzles actual temp is down to ~27 C (room temp), but the set temp is still at the printing and standby temperatures, so going to the Temperature menu option doesn't allow you to temp the nozzle up because the nozzles still read the higher temp. This doesn't allow you to heat the nozzle up to clear strip outs and clogs from the affected nozzle so you can fix the issue or run new filament through the nozzle.

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anolen created this task.Feb 4 2019, 1:36 PM

Please test this under 2.0.x. I believe such issues were fixed in this release.

@marcio Gracias! Will do.