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Baud Connection Fail error at first attempt to connect to printer
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During Smoke Testing of 3.6.4 we are getting a Baud Connection fail error at the first attempt to connect to the printer. I attempted to flash FW to see if that would help but got a communications error. I then pulled the USB cable out of the computer and connected it to a different USB port and was able to connect to the printer successfully. This happened in our Ubuntu 16.04 system, Mac OS X High Sierra & El Capitan systems so far.
Here is the log for Ubuntu 16.4/Mini with aerostruder v1 toolhead

Here is the log for Mac OS X High Sierra/Mini2 with 0.25 toolhead

Here is the log for Mac OS X El Cap/Mini with standard mini extruder

A few more observations, this DID NOT occur in Windows 10/Mini with standard Mini toolhead.
Also, we tried pulling the USB cable and reconnecting to the same port and the connection failed. It only reconnected if USB was plugged into a different port.

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Yahuba created this task.Feb 8 2019, 11:55 AM

Update, was also able to replicate on Debian system connected to a Mini w LCD attached/standard mini toolhead

Worth mentioning. In almost all these cases there was a second printer connected to the computer (powered off). The only printer powered on was the one being used.
I uninstalled cura and cleared the cache in our Ubuntu 16.4 system. Then I disconnected the two printers and reconnected the Mini. Installed and launched Cura. Was able to get a successful connection to the printer on first attempt.

Yahuba added a comment.Feb 8 2019, 1:02 PM

OK, I have determined that this is definitely caused if there is a second printer connected to the same machine (even if the printer is powered off). This was definitely not an issue in the past and I am not sure how many users would run into this problem.

I noticed that the Windows 10 machine was the only one out these that did not have a second printer connected to it and it was the only one that was able to connect. I then connected a second printer to the system (left powered off) and when I attempted to connected to the powered printer, I got the same baud connection fail error.

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