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Find Open Source Tool to Program STM32F Series Microcontrollers
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We are looking at creating our own version of a open source 3-phase brushless DC motor controller. The existing controller is made by small company called ODrive and uses a STM32F405 ARM microcontroller. If we wish to duplicate this board in-house, we will need a way to compile open source C code and flash the chip. Most tools available to develop code and flash the STM32 series of microcontrolers are Windows based and non open source. We will need an open source set of tools if we want to work with this series of chips.

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If ODrive's firmware is all free software we can start from there. We'll have to dig into their source to see if this is going to be FSF compliant or not.

mjpelletier closed this task as Resolved.Apr 18 2019, 10:50 AM

Tests of an ODrive DC Brushless Motor and Controller show that the assembly does not offer the positional accuracy need for printing. While the use of DC Brushless motors will be considered for other projects, they are not currently needed. I am closing this issue as Resolved.