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Electronics Fan Speed
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We had a report of the electronics fan spinning louder than it did in the FW. While this is pretty old, we don't want to be running these faster than required. Forum post here:

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@marcio I will try to grab old config files to find the difference in speeds. Do you know if we increased the fan speed to max on this for a reason?

@karrad: Should not have, but is before my time, so it's possible it got lost in the translation.

@marcio Looks like we didn't save config files for the branch, any idea what tab of marlin.ino that would be located on?

Probably Configuration.h or Configuration_adv.h

karrad reassigned this task from karrad to marcio.Feb 18 2019, 12:14 PM set up:

//and turn off after the set amount of seconds from last driver being disabled again
#define CASEFAN_PIN FAN2_PIN //Pin used for the fan to cool controller (-1 to disable)
#define CASEFAN_SECS 60 //How many seconds, after all motors were disabled, the fan should run before going back to idle speed.
#define CASEFAN_SPEED_FULL 130  // Full speed for when motor are active
#define CASEFAN_SPEED_IDLE 0  	// Idle speed for when the motor have been inactive	
#define CASEFAN_SPEED_MAX 255  	// Maximum limit for the fan speed so it does not burn out. Use 128 for 12v fans with 24V Power Supplies
#define CASEFAN_SPEED_MIN 0	// Minimum limit for the fan speed where it will start to spin from a stop without a push. config file:

#define FAN_MIN_PWM 70
#define E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1
#define E1_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1
#define E2_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1
#define E3_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1
#define E4_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1
#define FANMUX0_PIN -1
#define FANMUX1_PIN -1
#define FANMUX2_PIN -1

@marcio Kicking this one back to you, not sure if we can get it updated.

Maybe set it to 130?

Not sure, I think we used to scale the fan speed dependent upon what drivers were being used, and what load.

Not sure, I think we used to scale the fan speed dependent upon what drivers were being used, and what load.

Well, I don't think Marlin has that feature. If someone at Lulzbot added it, then they should have pushed it upstream. For now, the safest bet is to keep it at 100% since it looks like there is no options to scale it based on load.

karrad added a subscriber: TyTh.Feb 19 2019, 3:52 PM

@TyTh Are you getting a lot of complaints on how quickly the TAZ 5 electronics fan is running? We haven't produced these in a bit, and want to get an estimate on how pressing of an issue this is.

@karrad: So this was on a TAZ 5? If so, it explains it. Our current code for all printers is based on TAZ 6 FW. If someone implemented this feature for TAZ 5, did not push it upstream, and also forgot to add it to the TAZ 6 FW, then the feature would have been lost.

TyTh added a comment.Feb 19 2019, 4:04 PM

I have not once gotten a complaint about the TAZ 5 fan

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Okay, that makes one complaint in the forum. With everything in development right now, going to mark this as wish list.

@TyTh If you get any more reports, please post them here.