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Pre-Print Purge Location
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When printing ninjaflex from extruder 1, the extruder purges filament before moving left to purge extruder 2. When it does this, it lays the filament over the smooth rod. This filament was sucked up into the igus bushing. So far I'm not seeing any negative effects but this could potentially become an issue over time as more filament gets pulled into the bushing.

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@eBeardslee What version of the firmware are you using?

So this actually happened today. After quite a bit of pulling I was able to remove all but a small little piece that is too small to grasp. See the attached picture.

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removing marlin, this will be start gcode related.

@tutley @west Thoughts on avoiding this? It looks like the purge from E1 is dragged over the left smooth rod when changing nozzles for purge.

Current thought is to purge in the same location, and "cut off" the filament with the bed before changing to E2 (But open to any suggestions)

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@anolen Kicking this one your way for experimentation. Go ahead and post and send back my way when ready!

@karrad yea i agree. i think using the bed to shear the filament off is the best option

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This change is posted here with the TazPro new start gcode: T6009

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