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Update Material Definitions to allow 1.75mm filament
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We had a report on the forum about updating filament diameter in hot end settings, removing all profiles and materials:

Looking into this, by adding a filament diameter setting to 1.75mm in material definitions it allows this update to pull all proper materials and associated profiles.

Update this for all materials

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karrad created this task.Feb 20 2019, 11:06 AM
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Adding a second diameter setting overrides original, making 2.85mm profiles and materials not visible

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@victor_larchenko We would like to be able to update the filament diameter in Machine settings, and have it automatically update the filament diameter in profile settings. At the moment, when updating diameter in machine settings all associated materials an profiles disappear.

Steps to duplicate:
1.) Add any machine
2.) Go to machine settings > hot end > update filament diameter to 1.75
3.) Check materials and profiles, there is nothing loaded.

Desired results
1.) Add machine
2.) Update filament diameter in machine settings > hot end
3.) All materials and profiles are available for selection, but with filament diameter updated to machine settings.

@karrad Checked cura code and looks like diameter property is integrated in many places inside cura. So if we want to ever change any values for 1.75mm profiles the best way is to copy all files and set it up to new material diameter, otherwise we can change it to behave like in message above, but profiles will be the same as for 3mm without any possibility to change any default values.

@victor_larchenko So we would only need to duplicate the "Material" profiles to include a 1.75mm version, or would we also need to duplicate all profiles?

Logistically speaking, I think it would be rough to maintain two sets of profiles consistently but materials may be doable.