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Filament holder location change
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If you have 2 3kg reels of filament, there's very little wiggle room. I would suggest moving the higher filament holder (currently located on the back of the front right frame) to the front of the right front frame bar.

I've already had an issue where the filament holder was slightly too high. With a 3kg reel on it, there's not too much leeway to keep it from conflicting with the filament sensor as well as the 3kg reel below it.

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matth created this task.Feb 20 2019, 3:42 PM
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@matth: Increase the runout detection distance, this should help.

west added a subscriber: west.Mar 5 2019, 11:26 AM

@matth moving one spool arm to the front of the extrusion would require another printed part. Currently the forward and rear spool arms are the same.

I've been getting a lot of filament runout errors lately, and I know it's because of the filament reels. I have a different machine (a current beta) and am still running into this error. Each time it's because a reel is caught or conflicting with something; the filament is super taught and would be stripping in the tool head if I resumed it. Each time I fixed the error by unreeling some filament to create some slack.

There simply isn't enough room for 2 big reels, I believe.

It may be easier in the long run to recommend our larger spool printing users to bypass the filament sensor entirely and offer a top down feeding spool. Alternatively, I think something like

and a couple of 608 bearings from fidget spinners is a good option for larger spools, but stock machines supporting dual spools over a certain size might be difficult to mount on a frame.

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This would require a change order to change.. and it sounds like we have a work around for the bigger reels.

@TyTh please make note of this information some where for customer and pass on to your department.

Going to close this as won't fix for now, and we can always reopen if this becomes a bigger problem.