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beta review notes
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I reviewed the beta that was going to be sent for UL.

  • solder sleeve doesnt have heatshrink on bed extension harness

  • actuator 1 bale outside of cap

  • bed harness connectors not zip tied to printed part

  • z motor harness not seated in cable clip

  • cable clip coming off

  • x axis notably racked in packaging

(no image)

  • z cable chain mount not in correct position

should be

  • sensor harness routed under bed power/ bed harness

  • not enough slack on extruder chassis end

  • extruder end cable twisted

Igus will be making those so I dont foresee an issue as long as wee keep the harness routed well

  • z motor cable not neatly routed

  • sensor harness in bottom of cable clip. The order of installation for the yz/ senosr harnesses are Y, Z left, sensor.

  • Y chain mount not in correct position. This needs to be pushed against the frame corner

  • x motor ground lug sticking straight out


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west created this task.Feb 21 2019, 1:59 PM
MikeR closed this task as Resolved.Mar 25 2019, 11:56 AM

Notes have been addressed.