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UL rear label placement jig
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Similar to Mini 2 these labels will be tamper evident so we'll want a jig to ensure consistent placement

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logan created this task.Fri, Feb 22, 11:30 AM
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DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Tue, Feb 26, 7:28 AM

@logan is this something you can design once we get the label in?

logan added a comment.Tue, Feb 26, 7:42 AM

@DaniAO If we could get just the dimensions of the completed label I can get this going without having one physically in hand.

Artwork can be found in T3645

@DRobertson what is the dimension of the TAZ_Pro_AssetTag_Bleed_02.pdf?

DaniAO assigned this task to logan.Tue, Feb 26, 7:53 AM
logan added a comment.Tue, Feb 26, 8:04 AM

Looking at TAZ_Pro_AssetTag_Bleed_02.pdf, it would be much much better for production if the corners of the sticker weren't so rounded, it would allow us to line it up easier I think.

@DaniAO For the tag with Electrical warning on the side measurements are 4"x2.5".

logan added a comment.Tue, Feb 26, 9:01 AM

@DRobertson so the pink line on TAZ_Pro_AssetTag_Bleed_02.pdf is the actual cut of the label? Sorry I might've looked at that wrong initially.

@logan That is correct. For stickers the printer will generally want a pure magenta cutline. The corners on the cutline are setup with a 1/16" radius.

logan added a comment.Tue, Feb 26, 9:08 AM

@DRobertson Thank you for the info!

The white line represents the sticker. Currently it is centered between the surrounding features; USB hole > edge of case & lower most hole of fan port > top of interconnect housing.
@DaniAO @DRobertson does that placement look good or does it need to be closer to the edge for the shock warning?

logan added a comment.Wed, Feb 27, 2:14 PM

Here is that measurement btw

@logan not sure I can answer that, we will have to wait to see what Intertek comes back with.


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Jig complete, pushed to repo. OHAI will need photo of sticker once we have them, photo of jig usage is in place.

kent added a comment.Wed, Mar 6, 2:12 PM

Looks good @logan I merged these changes into master:

$ git diff master --name-only 
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