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Source Quiver issue - Hot Ends
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There is a discrepancy in the Quiver folder on Shared J between




One directory lists the AS-HE0026 universal assembly, the other(in electronics/toolhead/hot_tightening) lists the AS-HE0035/36 dual extruder assembly.

Additionally, the format should mimic the precedent set by the Hibiscus directory in the interest of maintaining standardization in the organization of our project folders, wherein documents related to the Hot End are in the /home/aleph/shared-j/devel/lulzbot/mini/hibiscus/production_parts/hot_end/ directory, not the electronics directory.

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These changes are merged into master:

$ git diff master --summary 
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/hot_end/AS-HE0026_Universal_Orientation.fcstd
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/hot_end/AS-HE0026_universal_orientation_RevB.odg
 delete mode 100644 production_parts/hot_end/AS-HE0026_universal_orientation_RevB.pdf
 rename production_parts/{electronics/toolhead/hot_tightening => hot_end}/mirrored_aero_hot_tightening (100%)
 rename production_parts/{electronics/toolhead/hot_tightening => hot_end}/mirrored_aero_hot_tightening.pdf (100%)
 rename production_parts/{electronics/toolhead/hot_tightening => hot_end}/standard_aero_hot_tightening (100%)
 rename production_parts/{electronics/toolhead/hot_tightening => hot_end}/standard_aero_hot_tightening.pdf (100%)
kent closed this task as Resolved.Mar 6 2019, 3:05 PM