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EL-HR0142 Z max External Harness testing
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We need to design a test fixture for the external z-max harness. We ran into an issue were on cable had a bad solder connection and would not trigger one of the end stops.

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kent added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 10:31 AM

@logan I think it is time to begin work on a cable harness test fixture using the extra cablescan we have in MER.

@kent Is this to be limited to this harness or should more be included?

kent added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 2:38 PM

Let's start with this one, but make it big enough to add more later as needed.

logan added a comment.Wed, May 1, 11:57 AM

I have built and modeled the panel frame and requested these crimp on terminals to connect to the purple faston connectors:

I will need those to complete this.

logan reassigned this task from logan to MikeR.Mon, May 6, 3:48 PM

@MikeR where are we on this?

Im pretty sure we got the connectors in. This has kind of gotten put on the back burner.