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E1 Harness interfering with x belt path
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While E2 is printing and E1 is raised, the E1 harness curls back and is pushing against the X axis drive belt.
Unit QB7

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logan created this task.Wed, Feb 27, 8:37 AM
logan created this object with edit policy "LulzBot Hardware Products (Project)".
oliver added a subscriber: oliver.Fri, Mar 1, 10:13 AM

I can confirm this on the beta unit 0013 as well.

west added a subscriber: west.Tue, Mar 5, 11:31 AM

I made this to help. This would attach to the motor in the back holding the cables forward.
I've tested it on my printer and it seems to work

@west installed on quiver 7 and did not have any issues with the cables getting in the way of either the x bump stop or x idler.

kent added a subscriber: kent.Wed, Mar 20, 9:32 AM

hey @west I don't see any commits to the T5889 branch with this cable clip. Where is it so I can merge it into master?

kent assigned this task to west.Wed, Mar 20, 9:32 AM
west added a comment.Wed, Mar 20, 9:41 AM

@kent was there anything committed to the branch?

west added a comment.Wed, Mar 20, 9:45 AM

@kent pushed it as toolhead cable retainer

kent claimed this task.Wed, Mar 20, 9:47 AM

ok thanks

kent added a subscriber: DaniAO.Wed, Mar 20, 9:52 AM

Looks good. @DaniAO do we have a part number for this and can we get this added to the bom?

kent reassigned this task from kent to DaniAO.Wed, Mar 20, 10:47 AM

Do we have a product number for this? Once I get that we can update cluster's production folder.

@EricNugent @kent

I see PP-GP0390 - Cable clip. Is this different?

kent added a comment.Wed, Mar 20, 12:50 PM

Yes this is something else @DaniAO we do not have a part number for it yet afaict.

@kent then we need to call it something else..

kent added a comment.Wed, Mar 20, 12:59 PM

@DaniAO it is called something else. Its called "toolhead cable retainer"

PP-GP0437 is the part number. I need the weight and what this is printed out of to create the BoM please.