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Documentaiton: Note that when changing quality settings for E1, it is recommended to update E2 as well
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In my last print using the Quiver, I made a mistake that I'm sure a lot of users would make. I changed the profile to High Detail, but didn't realize I also had to change the profile for extruder 2 (which was still on high speed.) In the past I've made this mistake multiple times when editing nozzle temps, skirt distance, retraction settings, etc.

I think Cura should give a popup confirmation to also change settings for the other nozzle for every change made. Perhaps also giving a warning if the user is using 2 different materials. Alternatively, adding a "nozzle sync" button that would apply the settings of the current nozzle to the other.

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matth created this task.Feb 27 2019, 9:54 AM
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I would second this as well.

DaniAO assigned this task to karrad.Feb 27 2019, 10:00 AM
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@karrad would you be able to look into adding this to Cura?

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Cura currently averages the settings that are required to be the same when there is a difference between E1 and E2. These are items like Layer height and bed temp that need to be the same between both extruders.

@matth Did your print have a failure, or just not turn out to what you expected?

matth added a comment.Feb 28 2019, 2:19 PM

Print didn't fail, just had other possibly unrelated issues. This is just something I noticed, and for every print I do I make sure I'm diligent enough to check each extruder setting.

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@matth Okay, for now I am going to kick this over to documentation. All of our testing that has been done so far allows these averaged values to have a successful print (while not ideal.)

An added help in the release one will be that @anolen is standardizing all our profiles for quiver. High Detail = 0.15, Standard = 0.25, High Speed = 0.35 and should not present any confusing numbers when looking at layer height.

karrad renamed this task from Feature Request: changing 2 extruder options at the same time to Documentaiton: Note that when changing quality settings for E1, it is recommended to update E2 as well.Feb 28 2019, 2:26 PM

@karrad where in the documentation did you intend for this to go? Manual or QSG?

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@DaniAO I believe I originally intended for the manual to contain this information. Got this one switched over to myself, and removed it from the quiver board as it is not really related.