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Generate Initial Quick Start Guide
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Hey everyone, we are getting started on the quick start guide for Quiver. We have a rough draft attached. Please review for technical accuracy to ensure no steps are missed.

@kent @west @tutley @MikeR

As we need to order this for production quantities, going to mark this one as a high priority

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on step 13 I found it was easier to plug the wires in before securing the chain to the y-axis.

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matth added a subscriber: matth.Feb 27 2019, 11:56 AM

Maybe it's just personal preference, but when I load in filament, I prefer to use the "change filament" menu to preheat the nozzle and have it auto-extrude until I'm satisfied with the extrusion. It's also easier to preheat to the desired temperature with a single button press.

Additionally, I'm surprised that a second sample of PLA isn't included so that the user can dual print right out of the box.

Dont know if we want to mention it but on step 18, on the main screen if you just push the temp read out that is in purple, that will take you right to the temp settings. Just a bit of a shortcut.

logan added a subscriber: logan.Feb 27 2019, 12:00 PM

So filament needs to be removed from the extruders before packaging? feed tubes also? where do those go in the box?
Step 25 would be better done through the change filament screen, using "continuous" until filament starts coming out the nozzle

@logan the tubes rest on the top of the foam. In the future customers will likely need to remove filament from the hot end.

Step 22, customers may need to to loosed the tube clamp screw on both the green and black idler levers.

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Feb 27 2019, 12:44 PM

@matth these were just rough instructions to get Intertek started. We will included a lulzbot green PLA, Black PLA and polydissolve with the printer.

west added a comment.Feb 28 2019, 11:31 AM

Step 7
may be good to note the orientation of the printer for step 10. Currently you could stand the frame up so the control box is on the right hand side and install the bed backward. Something like stand frame up so the contol box/ electronics chassis is on the left hand side.

On step 8
you shouldnt have to loosen or tighten the the y cable chain mount, you just have to pull the chain to the side and rotate.

Step 12
the phrasing used is a little confusing. " plug in both Y axis motor connections" Just my personal opinion, it might be fine

Step 14
there is no note about the retention connector for the bed power

Step 17
Make note that the z will home when powered on

Step 23
Picture shows user holding the feed tube to insert the filament into the idler. Would be better to hold onto the filament itself like in step 26

Step 32 image of inserting usb drive? Notes on where to find it

A note should be added to the beginning about when the printer is powered on that it will home in Z.

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DaniAO added a comment.Mar 1 2019, 8:03 AM

Also need to mention the extra Idler tube clamp for use with single tool heads ( the filament sensor won't work with out this part) as well as T5896

TerpsiKore added a subscriber: TerpsiKore.EditedMar 2 2019, 11:09 AM

Step 10
Zoom out of picture to show heated bed wiring on left side of bed.

Step 12
Step says plug in BOTH connections, but only one connection is clearly visible. Need a better picture of the second connection being made.

Step 20
Include a side view of the filament fed through filament sensor 1.

Step 21
Zoom out in the first picture to illustrate that there is only one tube. Currently looks he is holding filament tube 1 in his left hand and inserting a different tube with right hand.

In third picture, lift the end of the tube being held in left hand to put it against a white background. Then annotate the picture by circling the filament coming out of the tube.

Step 24
An approximate measurement (10 mm?) of how deep to the filament tube would be helpful here.

Step 25
Replace "E1" with "Extruder 1 (E1)"

Need more detailed instructions with exact button to push. Unclear from figures. For example, do I hit the "10" button at the bottom of the screen and then push the E1 "+" sign and then watch the filament extrude?

More detail needed on "flows cleanly." That is not self evident for a newbie. Perhaps at least add a picture of filament flowing "cleanly"

Step 32
Add a picture of this.

Here are some ideas for annotations for steps 6 and 8:

This was done for UL testing and Beta testing. Going to merge this one in the QSG ticket.

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