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Redgum Initial BOM
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We need to generate an initial BOM in order to lock down long lead time items, common to Quiver items, unique items, and cables we need to outsource.
This needs to be moving in order to secure volume pricing and bring expected materials cost down.

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adam created this task.Mar 1 2019, 8:01 AM
adam triaged this task as High priority.
adam added a comment.Mar 1 2019, 8:03 AM

@west I've highlighted a couple parts that I know will at least change in name if not in essentials. Can you look through especially with regards to printed parts, frame, and cables?

west added a comment.Mar 4 2019, 7:07 AM

@adam these will change but they are acting as stand ins until we have the drawings to sent to suppliers for quotes

adam reassigned this task from adam to west.Tue, Mar 19, 11:16 AM

@west thanks for getting that other rough_bom going. Please post here with updates when you can.

west added a comment.Tue, Mar 19, 3:14 PM

The bom has been updated with sub assemblies and is as close to accurate as i can get it for now. @adam could you review it and see if there is anything missing?

adam added a comment.Mon, Mar 25, 7:44 AM

@west I have replaced the BOM with a csv to make it easier to merge with later. All the part numbers are there except for new printed parts and new assemblies. I think we are ready to try building the last prototype from it.

west added a comment.Wed, Mar 27, 9:43 AM

flat bom has been pushed to the repo. I didnt save it as an csv since there are 2 applicable pages in the file and saving csv only saves the active page

adam added subscribers: jperry, kim.Wed, Apr 10, 8:08 AM

@jperry @kim the flat_bom.ods is in the taz-redgum repo and also on
can you collaborate to find out what unique parts we need to get on order?

I was scrubbing through the flat BOM and found some issues. I've attached the BOM that highlights parts there are issues with in orange. It looks like there are some wrong part numbers/ descriptions as well as a few items that may be missing.

west added a comment.EditedThu, Apr 11, 4:21 PM

@jperry the parts that are highlighted as part doesnt exist in OCA do exist but they are archived. I have talked to @adam about the confusion it causes because those parts are made as a sub assembly straight from cluster. All the redgum exclusive parts wont have a bom until we solidify them and weigh them. I will update the rest

west added a comment.Thu, Apr 11, 5:05 PM

Ive addressed the duplicates and the wrong part numbers. We are looking around 1138 for cost without some printed part cost, chassis and chassis cover