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USB Board not reading
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One of the beta quiver has been having problems where the USB is not being detected.

They informed me that they have the swapped out the USB board 3 times and none of them seemed to work. I have tried re-flashing the firmware with and without resetting the archim board, this did not change anything.

I noticed that when powered on with the USB in, the printer would detect and be able to run code. How ever if you were to pull the USB out, it would not detect it missing until you try to have it read the USB. Afterwards the printer will not detect the USB if you try to plug it back in.

I am currently having assembly swap out the archim board to test if perhaps the problem is with the archim board itself.

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The chassis is still having trouble reading the USB board after swapping out the archim. I am having them swap out the LCD board as a final measure before setting the chassis to the side.

It was having slightly different but similar issues as before, except when you plugged the USB in while the printer was on it would immediate go to a failed to read error message. When plugged in before powering up, the USB would be read but the LCD would have no sound.

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@oliver Since the USB reader plugs into the LCD Board, it is suspect as well. We could try one pulled out of an alpha unit to see if it works, if they're out of fresh ones.

oliver added a comment.Mar 4 2019, 2:37 PM

@logan I have them swapping out the LCD board right now after the archim failed to fix the issue

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Had the same thing happen on another chassis and the problem seemed to have stemmed from the USB SD card reader that they were using. Keeping this ticket opened for now to see if we have any other issues. Going to back check the previous chassis to make sure it works with the new USB stick instead of the USB SD card reader.

logan added a comment.Apr 2 2019, 10:54 AM

@oliver Do you recall if replacing the LCD Board resolved this issue? Did the removed LCD Board get evaluated to determine the cause of the failure?

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@logan This was an issue with the USB sd card read not working correctly and potentially being corrupted, a new USB stick fixed this issue (production was running the test stand to test the chassis). We could look in red tags but most of the problems we are seeing have not seemed to have the lcd controller as the root cause. Since I have not heard of this issue in awhile, I will go ahead and close out this issue as resolved.