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better double bearing holder
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The current design has the tension screw running between the bushings. If tightened the middle compresses but the ends get slightly bigger.
This new design places the tension screws right under the bushings for an even compression along the individual bushing

Parts needed to be added to the bom 1x M3x25 FHCS and 1x nyloc nut

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west created this task.Tue, Mar 5, 3:19 PM
west moved this task from Beta Sprint (2019/01/28) to Needs Review on the Quiver board.
west moved this task from Needs Review to Beta Sprint (2019/01/28) on the Quiver board.

@EricNugent have you had a chance to install this?

@west I dropped off 4 at your desk earlier today, I have not had a chance to install it yet.

@west installed on Quiver 7 and running a burnin, everything seems pretty good so far with the changes. Less rotation about the y axis anyway.

kent added a subscriber: kent.Wed, Mar 20, 10:58 AM

We will need to add another nut and bolt for the second hole to the bom.

Part looks good though.