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Get RedGum into Cura LE
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We need to integrate Redgum into Cura LE.

  • Machine Definition
  • Initial profiles
  • Start/End Gcode
  • Wipe Nozzle Gcode
  • Extruder Definition
  • Level Axis Gcode
  • Firmware assignment
  • Accessory tool heads
    • SL, HS, HS+, V3

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karrad created this task.Wed, Mar 6, 8:51 AM
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karrad added a subscriber: west.Wed, Mar 6, 9:01 AM
karrad added a comment.Wed, Mar 6, 9:08 AM

from west jabber: I used quiver se with taz 6 start gcode and 280x280x280

karrad added a subscriber: marcio.EditedTue, Mar 12, 11:04 AM

@marcio Just a heads up, you can remove some of the firmwares for RedGum.

We will only need:

What is evergreen bagworm and goldenrod?

@marcio Ahh my fault, I removed the incorrect dual extruder. Evergreen_bagworm is the quiver dual, and won't be compatible with redgum. (I edited the above list)

Goldenrod will be essentially the cecropia tool head, with hardened steel components. The only difference in firmware there *might* be is PID differences for the hot end.