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Toolhead hitting wiping pad
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When printing a model, the toolhead will hit the right most wiper pad if it needs to print in that area. Was able to re-create.

We still have Alphas so can't say if this has been fixed already. Gcode sliced on Cura 3.6.4

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TyTh created this task.Thu, Mar 7, 9:45 AM
karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Thu, Mar 7, 10:07 AM

@TyTh We are merging in new gcode changes now, we will have a new build to test later this afternoon. Going to assign this one to you to test once the new build is ready

karrad assigned this task to TyTh.Thu, Mar 7, 10:08 AM
west added a subscriber: west.Thu, Mar 7, 10:38 AM

@TyTh can you take a picture of your wiper pad mount?