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MOARstruder Ohai
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Hi guys,
we noticed a couple things that need correcting on the MOARstruder Ohai. First in step 3 when putting on the ground wire to the hot end it doesn't say to use a lock washer (HD-WA0035) but it shows one in the picture. Lastly on step 10 the Part number for the latch is not correct. Its needs to be (PP-GP0275) not (PP-GP0245).
Thank you!
-Michael M.

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MichaelM created this task.Mar 8 2019, 8:52 AM
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@MichaelM I verified and made the changes to part numbers you mentioned. Also, on step 3, it says "The zero volt sense harness needs to be attached with the external star washer, the zero volt sense harness and the M3x8 BHCS screw in this order." Would you prefer we change "external star washer" to "External Lock Washer" including the part numbers for those parts to be more clear?

franklin closed this task as Resolved.Mar 28 2019, 11:07 AM