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Smoke test most recent 3.6.5
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Yahuba added a comment.Fri, Mar 8, 1:56 PM

Loaded Cura 3.6.5 (build 2019-03-08 11:51 154M ) on Windows 10 Pro (1809) fresh install.
Was able to load multiple objects to build plate, however when I attempt to connect to the PC I am getting 2 errors:

  1. Wipe Nozzle Fail
  2. Wrong Toolhead message prompting me to upgrade FW. However, Auto-Update FW button is grayed out (only custom FW upload is the available option). If user clicks "Finish" to close out of screen.. Connection status changes to "Connection Closed".

Similarly, tried the same with Mac OS X El Capitan. Again was able to select/load multiple objects on printer bed. However when attempting to connect to printer, got a Wipe Nozzle Fail error. Closed error message and connection status to printer was also closed. Navigated to Printer settings and was able to flash FW, however, when attempting to connect again, got Wipe Nozzle Fail error again and connection closed once I close the error message.

Windows Log:

Mac OS X Log:

Tested on the following systems with the same results listed in my last post:
Mac OS X (High Sierra) - Wipe Nozzle Fail error when connecting > Connection closed.
Ubuntu 16.04 - Wipe Nozzle Fail error when connecting > Connection closed.
Debian (Stretch) - Wipe Nozzle Fail error when connecting > Connection closed.

Tested newer build from Alexi on Win 7 & 10. Am able to connect to the printers, send move commands and pre-heat extruder and bed but when I attempt to print, I lose connection to printer.
Win 7 log:

Win 10 log:

Just tested another recent build from Alexi just now on our Win 10 system and was able to start a print. Was able to complete print without disconnection.