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default bed adhesion is set to extruder 2
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The bed adhesion extruder is defaulting to extruder 2 in the most recent local build of CuraLE. This means that the build area is restricted to only that of extruder 2. I imagine that many users are not going to be able to figure out why that is and we will get some push back on why the build plate is arbitrarily smaller than it should be.

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adam created this task.Mar 11 2019, 9:29 AM
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This is a good point, I switched it to the 2nd nozzle to compensate for some ooze on the 1st layer but this is more of an issue, we should change the skirts back to toolhead 1.

@karrad can we get that changed on all profiles?

@anolen I can update all the ones you had changed to extruder 2, but all the ones without this defined will remain on default. Which would you prefer?

the default was previously extruder 1 so changing what I updated works.

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Adhesion extruder removed from all quiver profiles, @alexei ready for review and merge on branch T6088

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Merged to master.