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Cuckoo testing
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I am testing the Cukoo toolhead for R&D over the weekend on a Gladiola Mini ( KT-PR0035NA-07525).
I am using Marlin, and the experimental "Polyflex" medium profile.

When going to wipe the toolhead binds up due to a very fast X axis movement and will not reach the wiper pad, instead it will go down to the left of the wiper pad. The process is repeatable. When a standard Gladiola toolhead is placed on the Mini (same profile, same firmware) it will not bind up and completes the process without fail. I also tried a quick test where I set the wiping temps to 0, which also disabled the retraction movement due to cold extrusion prevention, and the X axis did not bind up.

I will continue to test and report my findings.

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Update on using the Cuckoo. Dave on night shift used it on two Mini's (one Foxglove, then back to my Gladiola) and had no problems. I tested it and ran several good prints. I did have some problems again when I took off the toolhead and then put it back on.

It's something about how the toolhead sits on the mount. I had the hardest time aligning it right and several times I could not fully secure the back screws that keep it in place, which seems to have caused the binding. It's really weird because you never have issues installing Mini toolheads, they fit in place and you screw in the back three screws, but this one was super hard to install.