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PP-FP0149 Chassis drawing inner coating callout
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We had specified certain masking zones inside of the chassis PP-FP0149, as a supplier we were working with did not want to completely mask the inside as we would have preferred. We now have a different supplier who would rather completely mask the inside, who would then technically be violating the drawing. We should add wording to allow either method, where the internal masking is only required if the inside is not fully masked.

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I agree.
Any of these changes should be implemented prior to creation of the production (release) tag so that these changes don't need to go through the full gauntlet of the Change Order process.

As long as the changes allow the current masking we have going into production and the other option of completely masking we could try to get the change in before production tag. However, it needs to happen today or tomorrow as we need to get the tag completed.

@samantha is this something you could get updated in the next day or so?

@west is working on this presently

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@DaniAO ready for review

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@DaniAO this is reviewed and merged into master. I can't find an account for Josh Perry here, can you please make him aware of the update?

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@jperry can you please update the vendors with the new drawings?


I've sent the new drawings to PMM and Foye