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Default sounds
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Are we checking that every printer has the same set of sounds for each action set as a default? If so, who will set the sounds, control box builders? finals? Are we to check them at calibration? Will this be on the checksheet or in the OHAI?

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Thoughts on this?

In recent firmware versions these have been set default by the firmware, last I saw. So we may just need the decision on what we want those to be
The start-up animation is uploaded and activated during control box assembly testing.
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logan added a comment.Fri, Mar 15, 2:34 PM

To answer the question(s) if they can be set by default in the FW there is no need as far as I see to check them at any point. Does the checklist ask if sounds can be heard (speaker is functional)? This is checked on the LCD sub-assemblies in the OHAI, but may be a good thing to add to the checklist if it isn't there.

This is checked on the LCD sub-assemblies in the OHAI, but may be a good thing to add to the checklist if it isn't there.

@logan: Make sure the sticker covering the speaker has been removed. It makes a huge difference in audio volume.

logan added a comment.EditedFri, Mar 15, 3:15 PM

Ah! I remember asking about that earlier on and no one was sure. We can add this to LCD assembly:

@logan: The other sticker that comes to mind is the film that covers the LCD. That one needs to be removed too.

The reason I asked is we have seen a couple come through with different sounds, so it was either changed at some point in pre-sub or not set as a default the same as other versions.

@Hob @eBeardslee @karrad

Please provide input on the start up sounds.


Personally I prefer sounds off by default, and can instruct users who would like them how to turn them on. I will defer to marketing on what they would prefer.

I think we do:
Click sounds on
Print Starting: Twinkle
Print Finished: Fanfare
Print Error: Sad Trombone

adam added a subscriber: adam.Mon, Mar 18, 10:45 AM

I personally prefer sounds off, but as long as we make it clear/easy for the customer to turn them off, I'm okay with whatever.
If I end up with one of these near me long term, I'm probably going to turn off everything except sad trombone for failure... maybe even turn that off.

I feel that the sad trombone is a must for failed prints. IMO

in calibration we prefer to have the sounds, and we like the set-up @eBeardslee recommended. It makes it easier to stay on top of calibrations to hear the sounds.

DaniAO added a comment.EditedMon, Mar 18, 1:51 PM

Sorry I don't have a printer to try these on right now. Are the one's that @eBeardslee suggested set to default already? if not, then we will need to update the OHAI to get these sounds set.

To let the customer know how to change/turn off, something should be mentioned in the quick start guide then? or would there be a better place?

I think a quick mention in the QSG would hit the most customers, and avoid support calls.