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Sheet Metal Part Creation
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Create part numbers for the kanagroo paw version of the mini. These parts will be in pantone color C031-WH120

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jperry created this task.Mar 14 2019, 3:19 PM

Created the following parts:

PP-FP0167: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Electronics Case - White
PP-FP0168: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Top Plate - White
PP-FP0169: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Right Side - White
PP-FP0170: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Left Side - White
PP-FP0171: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Bed Mount Plate - White
PP-MP0258: Kangaroo Paw, Mini Bottom Plate - White

@samantha can you check the bed mount plate?
Everything else should be the same except for the color change

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