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QC to MER/Production Passdown - TAZ Pro, PP-MP0216, Bed Mount Plate
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PP-MP0216, Bed Mount Plate
We are seeing an issue with PMM bed plates having scratches and gouges under the powder coat.
They are primarily low visibility when viewed from a front angle with the unit placed flat, but a few units do have significantly deep blemishes in visible areas.
Production will need to know not to red tag units that have non-visible or more minor blemishes.
QC will be giving feedback on both blemished but passing and failed units to the supplier(PMM) in an upcoming NCMR.

See the pictures for examples of passing and failing bed plates.

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@guadalupe @wolffchadd can you please review the photos @AOJAS posted here? When you have done so, please close the ticket as resolved.

Issues corrected on the last inspection from PO# 29472:

Masking discs not removed from masked locations. Removed with tweezers.

Sharp burrs found on some corners, filed down and touched up.

Small gaps in the silkscreen triangle, corrected with silkscreen paint pen.

Some gouges and scratches are still visible under the powder coat, but if they are not in visible areas or if they are on the bottom side they are being passed as use-able.

Feedback on these issues is being given to the supplier: NCMR 190619-21