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[KT-EL0063] Pomfret Discontinuation
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When we are out of the last pomfrets being built, we will be forever out.
This ticket is to log all necessary tasks to finalize discontinuation of this product.

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adam created this task.Mar 19 2019, 12:31 PM
adam triaged this task as Normal priority.

@adam Do you know if we've hit this point yet? I think we've been out for quite a while.

@youngmrcarlson I am showing that we have 2 in CA and 10 still in the Daventry warehouse.

@sherylb @btiernan are these something we want to bring back?

@DaniAO Brian is out today. If we bring them back from Daventry we would be expected to sell them all from here. If they are currently sold and we need them for a customer and we are done producing them, let's bring them back sell them and be done with it if I am understanding this ticket correctly.

This is a power supply for TAZ 5 and I think they would sell here vs in Daventry. @youngmrcarlson thoughts on this?

@DaniAO @sherylb Yeah, if it's not prohibitively costly to bring them back, they would sell much better if we keep them at AM instead of Daventry

@btiernan can you give rough costs on bringing these to CO?

@sherylb @DaniAO This will cost roughly $350 to bring them back from Daventry

SW order has been created, labels have been uploaded. Let me know if you would like me to release the order.

Did we decide on bringing these to AM? I saw they shipped out but got returned to Daventry.

@btiernan do you know anything about what happened?

@DaniAO @youngmrcarlson I have no idea what happened. Checking tracking it never made it out of the UK and it says the receiver had no invoice information. I think maybe SW did not use my label. The label is address to come here, but it never made it to the states. New order created 1570645211-271681-1