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Re-packaging ohai
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So I was thinking we may need an ohai-kit for customers specifically on how to re-package and ship a TAZ Pro. To initially package the printer, we use some cardboard wrapped around the printer and strapped together with some shipping straps. Once a customer gets the printer they will more than likely throw away the old straps. The cardboard and straps prevent the y-axis from coming out the bottom of the foam when its picked up off the ground. If a customer or people going to trade shows needs to ship back the printer they will not be able to re-use the old straps so we will need to figure out a way to package and ship the printer back with out them.

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MikeR created this task.Mar 21 2019, 2:45 PM
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MikeR assigned this task to DaniAO.Mar 22 2019, 8:21 AM
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Can we get this started? We have already had a request for this..

@DaniAO would love to. Do we have an idea, written guidelines or instructions that an Engineer has figured out? I would hate for how expensive of a machine this is to have the entirety of this placed onto a technician. Happy to implement anything that is approved, but figuring out a solution on top of my daily responsibilities is going to be a longer time line than if I am to get some more qualified eyes to offer their solution for me to implement.

DaniAO added a comment.May 7 2019, 9:52 AM

@EricNugent OHAI are MER's responsibility, so not sure what engireer would be involved. This one would be very similar to the packaging OHAI, with out the back straps and maybe tape or something that a customer would have either in their office or home.

@DaniAO no confusion on who's responsibility it is, but currently we do not have an acting Manufacturing Engineer to determine what solution would be effective in minimizing damage through shipping. In my personal opinion if it is going to be very similar to the packaging OHAI then we probably don't need two. Including instructions for customers who do not have their straps can be extra steps in the original OHAI.

@EricNugent the original ohai is for packing the printer in production. While we do send those out to customer on occasion, when steps are needed for a customer that production does not use , a customer facing OHAI is then created. We will also use this for RedGum when released, so it will eventually cover two printers.

@kent and I discussed this morning that tape would work instead of the black straps.

@DaniAO thank you for letting me know @kent and you have confirmed a working solution; however, a customer facing OHAI adds confusion, all of out OHAI's are visible to the public so they are all customer facing. I don't see why we couldn't put an asterisk in step 4 and 14 of for customers to utilize packing tape in place of straps.

DaniAO added a subscriber: bowman.May 7 2019, 10:37 AM

Production OHAI are meant for production use- they are available to the customer only because we are open. We have a couple of duplicate OHAI for production and for customers because a few steps are different.

@bowman and I did also speak about the above mentioned option and he would prefer to have a customer facing OHAI. You should be able to duplicate the updated packaging one, and make the small changes needed for the customer facing one. It shouldn't be a heavy lift by doing it this way.

tutley added a subscriber: tutley.May 7 2019, 10:48 AM

@DaniAO @EricNugent the shipping straps were only included as a method for making it easier to remove the printer from the box, and as a precautionary measure so that the y axis wouldn't fall out of the bottom of the frame if the bottom shipping foam was stuck in the box. As long as they use the same foam/cardboard in the same places the straps wont matter.
It will be up to MER to be careful removing a pro from the box when there are no straps in place to hold everything together

@tutley @EricNugent The problem is customers will not only be re-packing these to ship to MER, they will be moving from one location to another or selling off a used printer. If those straps are in place to prevent damage to the printer when removing from the box, we will need another OHAI to show customers how to do this safely.

@karrad @EricNugent i would suggest pulling off the top foam and lifting the machine out by holding both the frame and the y axis together. This may be difficult for some people though

@tutley @EricNugent That sounds good here, we are willing to have the directions be whatever you recommend. Our main request here is a specific OHAI for just that process that a customer can follow.

Updating the production OHAI with additional steps is not an acceptable solution, as it can lead to errors in the official way to package it per @bowman

@DaniAO where can I find these customer facing OHAI's so I can better familiarize myself with the verbiage and instructions I should be writing out.

They can be found here:

We can also tag in Marketing to help with the wording, and as it's customer facing they will have to review it.

@DaniAO from what I am seeing here and what I recall from past projects, customer facing OHAI's are typically handled by marketing with MER offering a written instructions. There will need to be a fresh set of photos taken with a white background if we are following procedure to the letter on this. Regardless I can start on a written step by step for the moment.

We can work towards that, but for now I need a re-packing OHAI as we have had to request some of the beta printers back and those customers are asking for this.

Please duplicate what we have for now and update as needed. As soon as we have the back log of printers built and out, I will work on getting Marketing a production unit to update with white photos.

Thank you

DaniAO added a comment.EditedMay 7 2019, 3:30 PM

OHAI is being unavailable today, but @Orias @cathryn when it's back up can you review the re-packaging ohai?

DaniAO added a comment.EditedMay 8 2019, 10:47 AM

Step 4- we shouldn't have them place the tape all the way around the sleeve before packaging the printer. Maybe combine this step with step 8- starting that step with laying the cardboard flat and remove an mention of tape here.

I can see us working around the black straps for now in most the photos but that last photo needs to be updated with the cardboard and packing tape in order to use this. If there isn't any of the cardboard in MER, I can get a piece over and we can box up beta to use.