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Shortcut icons are huge
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The shortcuts on the left side of the screen are bizarrely large and in consequence I don't have access to them all.
Local build: 3.6.6
Computer: Tereingaornis laptop
I cleared cache and deleted the contents of the build folder and am still getting this issue. I think I'm getting this on my desktop at Mountain as well, but I will need to verify that.

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adam created this task.Mar 22 2019, 12:35 PM
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adam added a comment.Mar 27 2019, 3:19 PM

Checked on Warbler (my desktop) and I have normal icons here

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Mar 27 2019, 3:21 PM

I had this happen as well on my laptop as well.
Laptop Pachydptes
local build 3.6.3

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@TKostennov Can you look into this one? We have only had this happen while running a second monitor connected to a laptop.

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DaniAO added a comment.EditedApr 8 2019, 1:45 PM

While at the Hannover Messe show, I went to slice something on Cura for Pro, 6 and Mini 2, and was unable to get to the save to file/Print via usb buttons. I tried minimaizing to see if it would give me the scroll bar to get to it and it wouldn't let me do that either. There was just no way to access them. I did not have my 2nd screen connected during this time.

Laptop Pachydptes
Cura 3.6.6

Sorry for delay with that. Problem caused by unusual dpi settings. Can reproduce this only on ubuntu 16 with non-standard dpi.
Trying to fix it, but don't have any full fix (for icons and for window size) yet.

@TKostennov Thank you for verifying the bug, we had a hard time duplicating it here. Thanks for the update.

alexei added a subscriber: alexei.May 21 2019, 12:28 PM

@TKostennov , any update on this ticket?

@alexei Sorry for the delay again, I found a probable solution for icons, testing it now.
Still searching for a good sidebar fix, which not affects any other layouts.

@karrad Icons and buttons fixed now, should work properly on low-res and hi-res displays (tested it from 3840x2160 to 1024x768 on Ubuntu 16.04). Fix located in T6335 branch.

alexei added a comment.Jun 4 2019, 3:24 PM

@TKostennov ,
This fix is working, could you please apply it for the rest of themes?

@alexei, Applied to a lulzbot-dark theme.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jun 6 2019, 12:18 PM

@TKostennov : Thanks, tested it and merged to master.

Yahuba added a subscriber: Yahuba.Jun 11 2019, 3:28 PM

I retested this in 3.6.8 (will also retest in 3.6.10) and was able to replicate this in certain resolutions. I tested it in our Debian and Windows 10 systems. Was able to replicate in the following resolution settings:
Debian: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1152x864
Windows 10: 1360x768, 1280x768, 1280x600, 1024x768, 800x600

@alexei - I retested in 3.6.10 in multiple operating systems (Windows 7 & 10, Mac OSX (El Cap, High Sierra & Mojave), Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04 and Debian Stretch. All of these systems are on a 19" Dell monitor except for OS X High Sierra which was on the iMac desktop all-in-one monitor and Mojave which was on a MacBook Pro 15". Everything marked off as "fail" showed the same symptom of shortcut buttons cut off at bottom of screen unless otherwise noted.

Operating System | Resolution | Result
Windows 7 | 1920x1080 | pass

	             1776x1000	| pass	
		     1680x1050	| pass	
		     1600x900	| pass	
		     1280x1024	| pass	
		     1280x768	| pass	
		     1280x720	| pass	
		     1152x864	| pass	
		     1152x648	| pass	
		     1024x768	| pass	
		     800x600	| fail	- print setup panel section is shunken too small to see content even with scroll bar

Windows 10 | 1920x1080 | pass

		       1680x1050 | pass	
		       1600x900 | pass	
		       1440x900	| pass	
		       1400x1050 | pass	
		       1366x768	| fail	
		       1360x768	| fail	
		       1280x1024 | pass	
		       1280x960	| pass	
		       1280x800	| pass	
		       1280x768	| fail	
		       1280x720	| fail	
		       1280x600	| fail	
		       1184x666	| fail	
		       1152x864	| pass	
		       1024x768	| fail	
		       800x600	| fail

MacBook Pro Mojave

                       1024x640	| pass	
		       1280x800	| pass	
		       1440x900	| pass	
		      1680x1050 | pass	
		      1920x1200	| pass

iMac High Sierra

                      1280x720	| pass	
		      1680x945	| pass	
		      2048x1152	| pass	
		      2304x1296	| pass	
		      2560x1440	| pass

MacMini El Capitan

                      1080p | pass
                      1080i	 | pass	
		      720p	 | pass	
		      1600x900	| pass	
		      1344x756	| pass

Ubuntu 16.04

                      1920x1080	| pass	
		      1600x900	| pass	
		      1280x720	| pass	
		      1152x864	| pass	
		      1024x768	| pass	
		      800x800	| pass	
		      720x576	| pass

Ubuntu 18.04

	              1920x1080 | pass	
		      1600x900 |	pass	
		      1152x864 |	pass	
		      1280x720 |	pass	
		      1024x768 |	pass	
		      800x600   |	pass

Debian Stretch

	              1600x900 |	pass	
		      1920x1080 | pass	
		      1920x1080i | pass	
		      1152x864 | pass	
		      1280x720 |	pass	
		      1024x768 |	fail - bottom and side cut off screen
		      800x600 | fail - bottom and side cut off screen