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Better Printing and PDF Rendering Feedback from T201
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Parent ticket T201

Browser Info

  • Chromium Version 72.0.3626.122 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.8, running on Debian 9.8 (64-bit)
  • Firefox 60.6.1esr (64-bit)

Portrait Feedback

  • WIshlist: First page includes project image
  • Wishlist: Each page starts on a step, multiple images flow onto the next page instead of one per page (if possible)
  • Fix: FF: When printing in portrait orientation and while viewing any step other than 1, that step in view is displayed on every printed page.

Landscape Feedback
Printing OHAI-Kits in landscape seems to be natural. If we can get each page to start on a step, and have any multiple images flow onto the subsequent pages, it'll be a great default way to have a clean booklet.

  • Wishlist: First page includes step 1 and or at least the project image.
  • Wishlist: Each step starts on it's own page.
  • Wishlist: Multiple images flow onto the same page after the step copy
  • Fix: When printing in landscape orientation and while viewing any step other than 1, that step in view is displayed on every printed page on both FF and Chromium.

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Orias created this task.Mar 27 2019, 9:08 AM
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kent added a subscriber: kent.Mar 27 2019, 12:04 PM

Here's what it looks like chromium and firefox in portrait with T377-better-sticky-scroller branch. It's still a little whack with firefox on the first page. Chromium version 72.0.3626.122 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.8, or Firefox 60.6.1esr running on Debian 9.8 (64-bit).

kent claimed this task.Mar 28 2019, 9:35 AM

This is what the T293-header-responsiveness branch print export looks like now.

kent added a comment.Mar 28 2019, 2:01 PM

@Orias do the pdf exports look how you want/expect them to? If so please close this ticket as resolved.

kent reassigned this task from kent to Orias.Apr 1 2019, 1:05 PM
Orias reassigned this task from Orias to kent.Apr 24 2019, 3:12 PM

It's behaving on Chromium and looks good for both landscape & portrait, with and without the background graphics and headers.

Firefox still displays some weirdness on both landscape & portrait.

Some step information is lost under the page break:

Printing with Firefox's Simplified view however, cleans things up tremendously:

kent removed kent as the assignee of this task.Apr 25 2019, 9:30 AM

Thanks for the testing and feedback @Orias